Feb 15, 2012

This is the first city that we are going to introduce to you. One of the most beautiful European capital you can find. I've lived here almost 3 years so I decided to write about it before we leave. 

Castle in Budapest

First steps

Welcome to everybody!:) We decided to make a blog to share our experiances about travelling and busking around Europe. I hope we can give you some useful information.

  • About us
My name is Savane, and I live together with my boyfriend, Valentin in Budapest. In 2010 he wanted to go from Romania all the way to England but he got stuck with me in Budapest. We've been playing here almost every day for more than a year and a half now. I had a job, and i started hating it more and more, but finally I got fired :) And now we're free like birds so we decided to leave this country (witch is getting worse and worse) and travel through Europe and make a living out of busking and I would like to paint in the street.
  • Plan
In the middle of March in 2012 (if the weather allows us) we'll be starting in Vienna, and we will stay there for a week or so, after we will visit Graz  and than probably we'll go to Germany and stay for a while(visiting all the major cities and some of the nature). We would like to visit Belgium, Nederland, Luxemburg, France, Sweeden, Denmark, England and hopefully Iceland(if not on this trip, deffenetly on a future one:p) and in autumn we would love to get to Spain and Portugal.
But we 'll see what the future brings us...We're open minded for every opportunity :)