Apr 27, 2012

Last day in Graz

Three days ago we arrived to Salzburg. We didn't have time to write till now.

Our last day in Graz was wonderful. The clouds finally dissapeared from the sky and it was nice and sunny. :) We went up on a small hill where we could see the panorama of Graz in a different angle than we saw it before.
the three crosses
View from up
In the top there are 3 crosses , symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus. It's not that impressive but the view is beautiful. Later we went down to the river Mur and we were sitting on the bank for a while. The river was flowing slowly and the sun was reflected on the surface and it sparkled like little diamonds. :)
Mur bank
little duckies hiding
Than we went to the city center and sang a bit for the last time(made about 20 euros) and we said goodbye to our friends.They helped us a lot!Thanks!:)
Center of Graz
Markus and Thomas
We spent  wonderful week in Graz. Though the weather was bad we really enjoyed ourselves. I can't say any bad thing about Graz and I recommend you to visit this small city if you have the chance and sing on its italian like streets!:)

Apr 25, 2012

Busking in Graz

It was a wonderful experiance to play in such a city where you can play everywhere you want at almost any time(ofcourse at 12pm you shouldn't play on the street:P). On the other hand because of this there are quite a few people who want to play in such a small city(compared to Vienna) and sometimes they don't care about others and they start playing almost next to you.

But we weren't lucky with the weather. it was rainy and cloudy all the time except some hours of the week. I think if the weather would've been better maybe we would have made more money but who knows.
Center in Graz
There is a gypsy family from Slovakia(or at least that's what we heard) who are playing on Graz's streets for years. They are always in their places and every day you can meet with them. We didn't really talk with them but mostly they seemd peaceful.

Graz has one big, main street devided by a tram line in the middle(Schmiedgasse). That's where the bands are usually playing. It's pretty loud because of the traffic so with just a guitar it's not the best place to play. In Hauptplatz, there is a tram stop where we first played, in front of a shop. It was quite good because the peaople were "forced" to listen to you so they had time to really listen and not just pass you by and after 10 meters away they realize that they heard "something".  . it's still very noisy.
The best place where we played was Sporgasse. It's a long walking street, full of shops. The first street on the right from Hauptplatz. There are some nice street corners where you can play. this is where we made a small crowd(though the weather was bad).:P We played there maybe a bit more than 40 minutes and made about 25 euros, which for us is good money:)

As always the weekends are the best time to busk but also there are a lot of musician playing on the streets in the weekends. on Saturday when the weather was nice we went till the end of Sporgasse and we found a little arch. The acoustic is just amazing in that little tunnel. :) People going up to the hill or down from the hill through this arch so when the weather is bad I don't recommend it.
The arch
close up:P
So it's a wonderful small city without any busking rules. Maybe in the summer is better here, but as I said we got really unlucky with the weather, but it wasn't bad at all :)
So those who wanna busk and enjoy the beautiful city and the freedom they should come and play here :) Plus, the people are very tolerant with musicians here. If you play in front of a shop and you are realtively good, they will even open the door to listen to you:)

Apr 24, 2012

Visiting Vienna

This is the last night in Graz and it's still raining so I have time to write on the blog about What is worth to visit in Vienna in my opinion.:)
This time when we were in Vienna we didn't really have time to visit many places but a year before we spent 3 days and looked around in the center.
But we still took "a day off" from busking and we went to Albertina Museum and saw the best exibition of my life. It was impressionism and in the other floors you could see drawings from Klimt and the little collection of paintings between Monet and Picasso. It was amazing!
And of course this is not the only Museum in Vienna. In the Museum Quarter you can find out more information about the exibitions in Vienna.
Museum Quarter
Albertina Museum
If you just want to walk around you can start from the center(Stephansplatz). In the center there is a huge, beautiful, gothic cathedral,Stephansdom . You will meet in the main walking street with many street artists with different kind of perfomances (spray paintings, puppet show, music and so on).
And if you can't stand the crowd anymore you can go to Stadtpark. It's a small park about 5 minutes away from Stephansplatz. You can find their the Strauss statue. A lot of turists go to that park to see the statue. The lake is full of ducks and they are really friendly :) They come really close to you of course for food.:)
The other nice park close to Stadtpark is Karlspatz. One of the most beautiful baroque church is Karlskirche. The big square makes the building more monumental and it takes your breath away. And if you really like parks than you should defenatly go to Danube park(Donau park). We got one beautiful day in Vienna when we had no clouds in the sky and we found that beautiful place.:) All the flowers were blooming and everything was green :)
Danube park
Danube park
There's a little colorful train that is going through the park. It's so cute and small.I loved it:)
little train:)
little train going between the trees
The whole park belongs to the newest part of Vienna, called Donau City. It's like a future city from 2050. Maybe for other Western-Europeans it's not a big deal to see skycrapers and such modern structures but for me, being an Eastern-European, it's like being in a sci-fi movie.:P
Donau City in Vienna
Oh,.. And I almost forgot about the Hundertwasser house. It's "hiding" in a small street in Vienna but it's quite easy to find it. It's about 15 minutes walk from Stadtpark. He knows how to combine nature and architecture :) And there is a factory designed by him on the U6 line that is also worth visiting. Unfortunately I don't have good photo of it:(
Hundertwasser houe
And of course you should defenatly visit the palaces in Vienna (Schönnbrunn, Belvedere).I visited Belvedere(10-15euros the entrance) a year before but unfortunately We didn't go to Schönnbrunn:( But i am sure that I will see it soon :D

Maybe what I wrote is a bit chaotic but that's how thoughts came to my mind and I just wrote them down.:P But I still hope that you found something interesting in it.:)
Click here for more pictures!

Apr 22, 2012

Busking laws in Munich

These days I 've been trying to find informations about busking in Munich, but what I found it was outdated(like 2007), and it seemed that the law is really strict.

Today while we were searching couch in Munich, we recieve an answer and a nice girl sent us a link about busking laws in Munich. It seems kinda hard how it works and how they give the permission(day by day? or they giving you a date when you can sing a month later?).

But what is sure:
They give five permit per day for the morning(11.00-14.00) and five in the afternoon(15.00-22.00)
You have to go to the City Hall (Marienplatz, 80331 Munich), Monday-Friday 10 am -
8 pm and Saturday 10 am - 4 pm.
For holidays it's different and it doesn't mention any free places...
But here is the link where you can see clearer: busking law in Munich (first pdf)

Anyway, when we will arrive Munich we go to the City Hall and see ourself what is going on.

Apr 21, 2012

Graz, an Italian city in Austria 
View from the window
We arrived some days ago to Graz. We used carpooling to get here. It's a really good site to reach your destination cheap. The trains are extramly expensive in Austria, but if you know long before where you wanna go, they have cheaper tickets too or they have shared tickets, but carpooling is still cheaper.
Alps on the way to Graz
The first day was amazing in this little city (compared to Vienna, cause its actually the second largest city in Austria). Vienna felt so heavy after a while with all the turists and people in it. We're staying with a friend of ours who showed us around Graz. The buildings seem very Italian cause the the city was designed by italian architects. It's like a mediterranian city in the begining of the Alps.
Center of Graz
River Mur
We went up on the hill to the Clock Tower and saw the best view of the whole town. Far far away we still could see some snowy peaks of the Alps. It's breathtaking. Later we went to a little pub where we played a bit of piano:P
The next day the busking wasn't that great. In the begining the weather was nice and hot, but after a quick shower of rain the clouds stayed above us and made the air chilly. Totally we made 15 euros in a bit more than an hour, but we still hope that the next days we'll get luckier...

Apr 20, 2012

Busking in Vienna
We spent the last week in Vienna and tried to find nice places to play on the street though the weather was windy, rainy  and cold most of the time. We got bad and good luck too, but all in all it was a nice experiance. And now we'll try to give you the full image about busking in Vienna.
Valentin playing in Stadtpark
In the center of the city you need a permit to play. They have a quite clear system for it. You have to go to a certain place at the last monday of any month and you have to pay some money for it. They give a limited numer of permits so the performers go there earlier and wait in a long line. If you go to a policemen he can give you the exact data where and when to go.

But if you just travel through Vienna you can find legal free places as well. Like Karlsplatz, Stadtpark, Mariahilfer strasse(under the clock, next to the metro stop), Museums Quartier (in one place but we heard it's not the best) and so on. The rule is that you can play an hour in one place than you have to move. But later you can go back.

Finding a good place:
First of all it depends on when you play and what you play. In the center(Stefansplatz) you have to be unique. People want shows. After 13:00 o'clock every 5-10 meters there's a busker or groups of buskers. So I recommend for bands to try it out in the center, or places where people don't expect bands like the free places. they react really good for unusual things.
Buskers close to Stephanplatz
If you want to play without a permit, it's hard to find a place and probably after 30 minutes the police will come and ask for your permit. I don't think so that they will fine you at the first times, but they have the right to do that and also if they're really pissed they can take your instrument away. But they're not violent. We tried it once at around 6-7 pm it wasn't bad but after half an hour we decided to go home cause we tried to avoid any kind of fines.

On Karlsplatz, there's an underground pessage where you can play right before the line(the rest is metro area and you are not allowed play in the metros) you have to be careful with the time, cause the police station is close by and they really check it how long you play. But most of the time they are just bored cause they have nothing else to do so they're "harressing" buskers, but they're still talking nice and polite. The criminality is much lower in Vienna than in Budapest.

The similarity is that you find everywhere Hungarian and Romanian gypsies or just simple Hungarians and Romanians playing their robotic music on accordion, or any other instrument. And usually they don't care about the law. We went to talk with one of them about how long he wants to play and he said till he makes enough money (the same answer as in Budapest). And of course they're changing eachother so they occupie the free places for the best hours. And if you play sometimes they start playing almost right next to you... It's sad!

In Mariahilfer strasse we heard that the best time is around 5 pm, but if you want to play there you must go there an hour earlier(or more) otherwise it's taken. We were actually there around 3 and a accordionist gypsy guy was already sitting there, waiting for 5 o'clock to come. So you need to be there one or more hours earlier and wait till 17:00, and if anyone else comes than tell them you are allready waiting for the place.

Sometimes we got lucky and get the places without any problem but sometimes it happend that we walked more than one hour in the center to find free places to play.

Best places:
In the center is the best free palce is Stadtpark, close to the clock (made out of flowers) about 50 meters away from the Strauss statue, close to the entrance to the park. A lot of turists walk by to see the statue and a lot of parents with their little kids. Even if they don't pay the children's reaction is always adorable. :)
Cute audiance :D
On the bridge
The other mantionable place in Stadtpark is the bridge. Not as good as the other place but still it's worth to play there.
The best place what we found in one week was Florisdorf(metro station U6). We made 25 euros in close to half an hour. The best time to play there is around 7, cause people come from work or going to the center. That place is always busy. The acoustic is really good under the passage and the music is much more impressive. I personally really enjoyed playing there.:)
So the final conclusion about Vienna is that it's a huge city full of possibilities and if you are good and lucky enough you can make a lot of money:P

Apr 16, 2012

It's raining but that doesn't stop us :)
Yesterday we went to Albertina (a Museum close to Stephansplatz) And saw an exibition of Impressionism and much more. :P After that we went to Stadtpark and found a better place to play until the rain started, but that didn't stop us:P And the photo is the proof of it :)

Apr 13, 2012

The first days in Vienna

Two days ago we arrived in Vienna. We found a place to stay for the whole week through Couchsurfing. It's a really good site and a brilliant idea to make your trip cheaper. I recommend sending as many couchrequest as you can and as soon as you know where you want to go (around a week before). This way I think you have a bigger chance of finding a couch.

We actually got lucky cause somebody(Sabine) offered us a whole flat where we can stay for a week.In the begining the weather seemed good but yesterday it was really cold and rainy and Valentin got a cold too (I hope it's nothing serious). Today is a lot warmer, but the busking is not as succesful as yesterday.

Though the weather was bad we managed to make close to 30 euros in an hour but we couldn't play more cause our shoses got really wet. The place where we played called Karlsplatz. One of our friends showed us the place. The best time to play there is between 12.00-15.00 and maybe 17.00-19.00.
Playing in Stadtpark

We tried Stadtpark too. It's a nice park in the center and a lot of kids are playing there with their parents. We played  next to the bridge. It wasn't that bad but could've been better :P

Next week when we'll get to Graz we'll write more clear cause unfortunately we don't have internet in Vienna and the free wifis are slow.

Apr 3, 2012

Busking in Szeged

Yesterday and today we finally tried our luck at busking in Szeged. It wasn't at all bad as we expected since it's a small city. Actually it's, from what we can tell, as good or almost as good as Budapest, given that the average amount we made in the two days was 2000 huf/hour(7 euros). 
Here is the first video that we made. Sorry for the relatively low sound quality but I was a bit far.

This video was made on Kárász street (the main shopping/walking street) in the center. We haven't really tried any other places yet but we might not have enough time to play somewhere else in the City. But I am quite sure if you play in the center somewhere like Dugonics square, Széchenyi square or anywhere in the center you can make the same as we did(depending on what you play,the weather,the people and so on).

We met with some other buskers and they said that for the big squares you don't need a permit but for Kárász utca where we played it's kinda banned, but if you don't annoy old people, nothing bad will happen:P
Valentin on Kárász street
Savane on Kárász street

We will try to busk more these days and try to "paint" a better picture of busking in Szeged.

Apr 2, 2012


When we were at Timisoara Valentin's friend, Ildi gave me some earrings that she made and I really like them. She told me how she makes the earrings, so I got really psyched to make my own "jewellery":p. I will probably try to sell them on the road , but I still have a lot to learn and practice how to make them.

Colorful earrings thanks to Ildi
 I tried to make earrings in different styles and I hope I will be able to sell them. I really enjoyed the time that I spent making them :) These are from the first series and probably they will be followed by better ones.:P I hope Ildi doesn't mind that I used her technique. Thank you very much!

Here they are!:)
Last oil paintings for a while

Unfortunately on the road I can't paint with oil. We bought some smaller canvases (30cm X 40cm) and almost every two, three days I paint something. It feels so much better when I'm painting than ever before. When I 'm working on something I am unstoppable :D. Nothing can distract me from what I' m doing.

These paintings do not have deeper meaning. They are the result of the expression of my passion, which by definition is what art is all about. I do not want to sound smug and selfproclaim myself as an artist, but in my opinion when you do something and you're a 100% focused in doing it, and you recieve joy and love from whatever it is that you are doing, you are creating art.

still life-oil on canvas
My sister, studying-oil on canvas