Apr 24, 2012

Visiting Vienna

This is the last night in Graz and it's still raining so I have time to write on the blog about What is worth to visit in Vienna in my opinion.:)
This time when we were in Vienna we didn't really have time to visit many places but a year before we spent 3 days and looked around in the center.
But we still took "a day off" from busking and we went to Albertina Museum and saw the best exibition of my life. It was impressionism and in the other floors you could see drawings from Klimt and the little collection of paintings between Monet and Picasso. It was amazing!
And of course this is not the only Museum in Vienna. In the Museum Quarter you can find out more information about the exibitions in Vienna.
Museum Quarter
Albertina Museum
If you just want to walk around you can start from the center(Stephansplatz). In the center there is a huge, beautiful, gothic cathedral,Stephansdom . You will meet in the main walking street with many street artists with different kind of perfomances (spray paintings, puppet show, music and so on).
And if you can't stand the crowd anymore you can go to Stadtpark. It's a small park about 5 minutes away from Stephansplatz. You can find their the Strauss statue. A lot of turists go to that park to see the statue. The lake is full of ducks and they are really friendly :) They come really close to you of course for food.:)
The other nice park close to Stadtpark is Karlspatz. One of the most beautiful baroque church is Karlskirche. The big square makes the building more monumental and it takes your breath away. And if you really like parks than you should defenatly go to Danube park(Donau park). We got one beautiful day in Vienna when we had no clouds in the sky and we found that beautiful place.:) All the flowers were blooming and everything was green :)
Danube park
Danube park
There's a little colorful train that is going through the park. It's so cute and small.I loved it:)
little train:)
little train going between the trees
The whole park belongs to the newest part of Vienna, called Donau City. It's like a future city from 2050. Maybe for other Western-Europeans it's not a big deal to see skycrapers and such modern structures but for me, being an Eastern-European, it's like being in a sci-fi movie.:P
Donau City in Vienna
Oh,.. And I almost forgot about the Hundertwasser house. It's "hiding" in a small street in Vienna but it's quite easy to find it. It's about 15 minutes walk from Stadtpark. He knows how to combine nature and architecture :) And there is a factory designed by him on the U6 line that is also worth visiting. Unfortunately I don't have good photo of it:(
Hundertwasser houe
And of course you should defenatly visit the palaces in Vienna (Schönnbrunn, Belvedere).I visited Belvedere(10-15euros the entrance) a year before but unfortunately We didn't go to Schönnbrunn:( But i am sure that I will see it soon :D

Maybe what I wrote is a bit chaotic but that's how thoughts came to my mind and I just wrote them down.:P But I still hope that you found something interesting in it.:)
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