Apr 3, 2012

Busking in Szeged

Yesterday and today we finally tried our luck at busking in Szeged. It wasn't at all bad as we expected since it's a small city. Actually it's, from what we can tell, as good or almost as good as Budapest, given that the average amount we made in the two days was 2000 huf/hour(7 euros). 
Here is the first video that we made. Sorry for the relatively low sound quality but I was a bit far.

This video was made on Kárász street (the main shopping/walking street) in the center. We haven't really tried any other places yet but we might not have enough time to play somewhere else in the City. But I am quite sure if you play in the center somewhere like Dugonics square, Széchenyi square or anywhere in the center you can make the same as we did(depending on what you play,the weather,the people and so on).

We met with some other buskers and they said that for the big squares you don't need a permit but for Kárász utca where we played it's kinda banned, but if you don't annoy old people, nothing bad will happen:P
Valentin on Kárász street
Savane on Kárász street

We will try to busk more these days and try to "paint" a better picture of busking in Szeged.

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