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I decided to put some paintings of mine. I 'm not satisfied whit them but I tried my best. I 've never liked to talk about my painting so here they are.:)
Budapest 2011-pastell

view from our window-
Budapest 2011-oil in canvas

I've never painted with oil before but I really enjoy it, unfortunately I can't take with me for the road beacause it dryes hard, and the canvas is heavy so mostly I will paint with aquarell and pastell, and I might try to paint with acril. I am really curious if it will work or not.
Budapest Corvinus 2011- pastell
The plan is that I will paint in the cities and hopefully somebody will buy the pictures from me and I won't have big problems with the police. In Vienna you don't need a permit to sell paintings if you don't put a price on it(so if you ask people to pay what they think its worth). This is what i heard, but in 2 weeks i will know for sure:)

Jeff Buckley:oil on canvas
Mucha poster:oil on canvas
Fake plastic trees:oil on canvas

Mucha copy- oil on canvas
Da Vinci interpretation- aquarell
view of Versailles- Aquarell
Us- Pastel and aquarell
Life- Pastel
Flower- Aquarell and pastel
still life-oil on canvas
My sister,studying-oil on canvas

2013 - Laos
Busker- oil on canvas

Buddhist monks - aquarell

Sawing lady - aquarell

Bicycle - aquarell

Bisu - oil on canvas
sawing girl variation - oil on canvas

girls in Xieng Khuang - oil on canvas

dream - oil on canvas

(First series)

Red, black and silver harmony
Red,black and silver harmony 2
Blue, black and silver harmony
Blue black and silver harmony 2
Purple 2
purple 3
green 2
light blue
light blue 2
 funny ones

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  1. Hey guys!

    You have a beautifull blog/website. It's a pleasure to read your stories and learn more about busking around Europe. I hope you can inspire a lot of people in this way!
    I also love the paintings and the jewelery. They are very beautifull and original. You are beautifull people with a lot of talent and a good spirit!
    All the best!