Dec 9, 2012

The way back home

After Brugge we went back to Gent and stayed there another week to have time to make the CD-s and we decided to head towards Germany again and slowly go home before the winter cought up with us. France and Spain can wait till next Spring :P
the end is close :(
We went back to the places where we knew it's good for busking like Brussels and Liége, but we were unlucky and we both cought a cold plus the weather turned really bad. For more than two weeks we couldn't play at all so we spent all our savings. In Maastricht it was raining all the time and I got a bit deppressed about the situation but we had to move on. On the way back we met some old friends of ours, we've made on the road and it gave us such a warm feeling to meet these people again. :)
On the train to Berlin
In Germany we went all the way up to Lübeck through Aachen, Köln, Münster and Bremen again hoping that we would get a couch in Hamburg for at least a week but we weren't lucky so in the end we stayed in Lübeck for 3 weeks again. Our friends made it really easy and comfortable for us to stay there for such a long time. Hope one day we can do something for them. :)

We left Lübeck with a hundred euros and went back to Berlin where we stayed for four days to make money for Prague! :) We were really excited because this was the first time that we could see the capital of Czech Republic and we 've been planning for so long to visit it :)

Busking in Brugge


Unfortunately we spent just two days in Brugge which is one of the most beautiful city in Belgium and in Europe. Most of the time we just walked and got lost on the streets of Brugge and we didn't play that much. So this post will be more about travelling than street music. Sorry about that!

You have to apply for a permit, which you have to pay for. I think it's quite easy to get it though we played without it but just for an hour.

Our experiance:
It was great! :) We took a bus from Gent to Brugge for 2 euros (though it takes two hours, but you can find trains for 5 euros or so and it's there in 20 minutes) and as soon as we were there we started discovering the city by ourselves. :) It's like you're walking in a fairy tale. Beautiful! :) I cannot describe it in words so here are some pictures:

sunset in Brugge

We saw some really old windmills at the edge of the city center and it was already dark when we got to the center again. The buildings were lit up and the channels reflected the pretty lights. We were hypnotized by the athmospere. We couldn't make as many pictures as we would have liked cause the camera's battery was almost empty but still we made some pretty pictures in my opinion. :)
the beautiful Brugge
One of the main square in Brugge
The last day we tried to play a little in the center right before a bridge in a really narrow street. It could've been better. We made 18 euros in an hour but it was enough to cover our travelling costs :)

It was a really nice small trip, we will never forget :)