May 27, 2012

The good things about Dresden:)

Our experiance:
As I told you before though the busking was horrible we still had fun in Dresden. :) We enjoyed the architecture of the city center and the people who we stayed with were really cool and helpful. And we met the coolest random people  at the first night we went out :P They had a whole DJ set with themselves and all the way home it felt like a whole techno party following us :P
Dresden at night
The next day we went to the city center and just walked around. The old part is not big, but everything is in one place next to the Elbe river and it's beautiful. In the Second World War the whole city was destroyed and the center was rebuild and renovated after the war. In less than an hour you can see the whole center.
It was really hot that day and you couldn't stay in the sun more than some minutes. It was a bit tireing to walk but we got used to it on the trip to walk long distances :) We didn't use the public transport because it was expensive and the controllers can hide really well and they controll very often. So we just used our feet to reach our destinations:P
The hottest day on the trip
Dresden center
quick summer shower
At night we went to Neustadt and we were trying to find a place to sing but the rain caught us and we went in a nice pub. In Neustadt you can find pubs and coffés everywhere. This past of the town is full of young people. :)
Bastei Brücke:
The rest of the week was extremly cold. From time to time it rained and it was windy. But we decided to go to the Saxon Switzerland National Park. We bought a Family day ticket witch was good for the train and the farry that took us to the other side of the Elbe plus for the whole public transportation of Dresden. It cost 16 euros for both of us.
Main Train Station of Dresden
We started the trip from the main trainstation and with the train(S1) we went to Königstein. There's a casttle up on a hill but this wasn't our destination. We went a bit too far (Stadt Wehlen is the stop where you have to get off) so we had to walk a bit more than an hour to reach the city of Rathen.
Saxon Switzerland National Park
In the forest
Rathen, Elbe bank
About 45 minutes hicking and you can reach Bastei Brücke and the beautiful Elbe Sandstone Mountain. It was formed by the Elbe river. It's like the Grand Canion but smaller and greener :)
Between the rocks
view from up
Sand rocks
We even met a busker on the way up :) It seemed that this is not the first time when he's doing this. He had some coins in the bucket in front of him.We supported him with some change that we had in our pockets :)
Busking in the forest
Up on the bridge ,though the weather was bad there were a lot of turists. I can't imagine how many people are here in summer. But still we could enjoy the wonderful view :)
Bastei Brücke
Beautiful :)
It was one of the most beautiful palces I have ever been to, and if you are in Dresden you should defenetly visit this place and spend a whole day in this area :)
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May 26, 2012

Busking in Prague is legal once again :)

In Berlin we met with a friend from Budapest. :D We were really happy because the street music is not going well and it was good to be pulled out a bit from the world of bad busking :P Our friend told us that the city council of Prague legalised busking again. We looked after on the internet and we found this :
Unfortunately I was not the one who made this picture:P

It seems a really clear system, and we are really happy that we found this out :) Unfortunately we are far from Prague right now but probably on our way back to Hungary or on a different trip we will visit that wonderful city. 

So good luck for the ones who will go busking in Prague and if you want to share your experiances with others just write us and we will post it here!:)
Have fun in Prague!:)

May 25, 2012

Busking in Dresden

The city is beautiful, but unfortunately for us busking in Dresden wasn't good at all :( The people just ignored us most of the time. But if you have a loud instrument or a really original act in the old part of the city you're probably gonna make some money.
It wasn't a good place but the picture is pretty:)

We talked with two guys (a pianist, and a opera singer) and they were doing well in Dresden. They came here for some music festival and till than they were busking.

The first time when we tried to play while we were tuning the guitar a lady came and gave us a paper with the street rules of Dresden. They had it in English, so they are prepared for buskers.

So "you can play music on the hour for half an hour respectively and than move 200 meters away from the old location. You can use one place twice a day, and you are not allowed to play close to churches etc." The rest you can read here:
Page one
Page two
Our experiance:
The first day when we tried to find a place the weather was extraordinarily hot for May. We just circled around the center and every "good looking" spot was taken. If you would have stood in the right place you would've heard at least three musician at the same time (accordions, trumpets, etc.).

In the end we gave up and the next day went to Neustadt where all the clubs are ,and young people hang out and we thought we might have some more luck in that area. But we were wrong. We couldn't really find a place to play. We saw two guys playing on drums in one of the street corners (they were playing techno like stuff witch was cool) and they made a big crowed. But with our kind of music we had no chance to make money there. The streets were really noisey. At last we played in an underground passage where nobody really passed by and the ones who did they walked away as fast as they could :P We were really dissapointed.:(

The last days we played in front of a shopping mall and we made around 20 euros per day, maybe 30 but we really had to play long(3 hours) to make this amount.

Fortunately the bad money didn't take all our spirit away and we still had times when we enjoyed ourselves (I will write about it later:P) :).

May 22, 2012

Busking in Nürnberg

This is the first city where we got our very first permit to play on the street. :) It was 12 euros for 3 days and it was worth it though we just busked for two days.
Our first permit:)
You need to get a permit if you want to play in the center. There are five permits per day. You can get it easily for some days(maybe in the main turist season i's harder) and also it's cheap too (address: Aussere Laufer Gasse 29). You can busk from 10am till 10pm, and every half an hour you have to move at least 200meters from the place you played before, and you can't go back in that day to the same place where you have already played.
you have to keep 30m distance from churches, and you're not allowed to play at Hauptmark and at the Train Station.
Unfortunately we got bad luck with the weather again and the first some days we couldn't play because of the rain and we went to see some Museums. The first time when we played (without a permit) Plobenhofstrasse was really good(20 euros about half an hour), but the second time we didn't make anything at all. And we played also in a wooden bridge too. People were realy opened to our music.
Valentin playing on the bridge
in Nürnberg
And for the last two days we got our permit :) We didn't get checked if we have it or not but It's really ceap and easy to get the permit so it was worth it.
Where we made the most money(20euro in half an hour) was in Karolinenstrasse close to Lorenzkirche. And than we just circled around the shopping streets and played 3-4 hours. 
Nürnberg was a really good city for busking and also it has a beautiful city center that is worth visiting.

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May 19, 2012

Busking in Munich

We spent some days in Munich and we tried to figure out how the busking law is working. We published it before, somebody sent us a link where you can find informations on how you can get a permit.
The place where you can get the permit
Same thing from a different angel
So if you want to play in the pedestrian zone you have to go to the München information (Marienplatz)the day when you want to play(early in the morning). There are five permits per day. We don't recommend to play in the pedastrian area without a permit because the police will fine you  the first time they catch you. BUT there are places where you can play without any problem.

We spent less than a week in Munich, so we didn't have time to play in many places and also the city is huge. We just played at the English Garden entrance (close to Odeonplatz) where we found a passage where the acoustic is really good. We made there around 15-30 euros per hour. :) In the English Garden there were many bands playing on the holiday(1th of May).
Band playing in the English Garden
Another band in the English Garden
English Garten passage
English Garden in Japhonese style:P
We played about an hour in Hofgarten too, but the cops came and stopped us 'cause you need a permit for that place. But it's a really good spot to play.
We saw bands playing in the Hofgarten's entrance from Odeonplatz. It might also be a good place to play, but it's a bit noisy. Somebody recommend us Münchener Freiheit but when we got there somebody was already playing there.

So that's it for now :)

May 10, 2012

Busking in Salzburg

We mostly just rested and enjoyed the sun while we were in Salzburg, but of course we tried to play a bit in the center and we think it's a nice place to make money (and other musicians told us the same thing).
I expected more street musicians (especially classical musicians)than I saw, because Mozart's birth-house as well as the house he lived in is in Salzburg so the city has a huge historical backround. But It might be like this because it's not really the "tourist season" yet but still there were a lot of people.
Shopping street in Salzburg
You are not allowed to play in the shopping streets but people still play there. We met a guy with a guitar(he sang really good) who told us that he has been playing in Salzburg for some years and usually he plays in illegal places but he never really had big porblems with the police. Of course there are some free places. Like the bridges, Mozartplatz and generaly squares (It's ironic that you're not allowed to play in front of Mozart's birth house :P) and you have to move every hour to another place but that's all.:)
Close to Mozartplatz
Our experiance:
We played a bit on the walking bridge without any luck and the last day we tried to sing in a little passage close to Mozartplatz where we saw a musician playing before(actually it's an illegal place) and we made our usual amount of money(15-20 euros/hour). But we didn't struggel to play more because we had to carry around all our luggages with us. 
Me and our stuff

The conclution:
Salzburg should defenetly be on every buskers/travelers list, just because its one of those small, beautiful cities where you can either chose to sing and probably make good money, or just go and relax for a couple of days if you are tired and happen to be near by.

May 3, 2012


We left Salzburg some days ago and now we are in Munich and we got a bit of time to update the blog :)
In Salzburg we mostly chilled a bit and enjoyed this beautiful little Austrian city. We got 3-4 days of "summer". The sky was clear and The sun was really strong so we got a bit of tan too :D We had a wonderful 3(or 4?) days there.
We used carpooling again to get to Salzburg. On the way we could see some peaks of the Alps. We couldn't take our eyes of the landscape. I grew up in Hungary so it's pretty amazing to see huge mountains for me:P
view from the highway
We arrived at around 9 in the evening to Salzburg and our host(Jonnas) gave us a quick tour of the city. The streets were empty and everything was quiet. The main turist attractions were lighten up and the darkness was hiding the snowy mountains from our eyes.
Salzburg at night
The first day we decided to discover Salzburg. Small little streets everywhere with beautiful baroque architecture. You can find in the center Mozart's birth-house and of course a lot of souvenir shop full of Mozart things :P. Even this period of the year there were many turists everywhere.
Small street in Salzburg
Later we went up on a hill (where the modern art museum is)where we could see the whole city and The Alps. It was just amazing standing there and watching this gorgeus view. I even had time to paint! :D Unfortunately we didn't went up to the castle because we would've had to pay entrance.:( But for the christmas market is free.  In the end of the day we were really tired.
We decided the next morning that we will climb up on Gaisberg. It's the closest big mountain to Salzburg. It takes about 2 hours to go up(for us it took around 3 hours but we stopped a lot:P)
on the way up

If you are lazy you can take a bus up there or if you have your own car you  can drive up to the top. Theres a small pub there where you can enjoy your beer in front of a beautiful background. But the Austrians are not lazy at all! they bike up the mountain and than they ride down between the rocks! Or just "simply" run up the mountain at the age of 50. For us it was really amazing watching these people.
 almost the top
close to the end
On the top what we saw is undiscribable. The pictures can't give back fully the whole experience, being there... The landscape brought tears into our eyes.
on the top
on the top together
view from Gaisberg
It was one of the most beautiful days of my life. The effort to get there was nothing compared to the feeling that this view gave me.
The next day we had to camp but fortunately the weather was beautiful and we didn't have any problem. We just had to carry around our heavy backpacks for one day but we survived:P
with the full arsenal:P
With the other half of the arsenal :)
We tried busking a little bit too witch wasn't bad:P. Actually I expected more musicians than we saw but maybe it's not the season yet. At night we went up on the hill. The sleeping bags were even too hot at night, and we saw the most beautiful sunrise we have ever seen.
Salzburg in Orange
Salzburg is one of those places that you have to see before you die!:P And more about busking coming soon!:P