May 10, 2012

Busking in Salzburg

We mostly just rested and enjoyed the sun while we were in Salzburg, but of course we tried to play a bit in the center and we think it's a nice place to make money (and other musicians told us the same thing).
I expected more street musicians (especially classical musicians)than I saw, because Mozart's birth-house as well as the house he lived in is in Salzburg so the city has a huge historical backround. But It might be like this because it's not really the "tourist season" yet but still there were a lot of people.
Shopping street in Salzburg
You are not allowed to play in the shopping streets but people still play there. We met a guy with a guitar(he sang really good) who told us that he has been playing in Salzburg for some years and usually he plays in illegal places but he never really had big porblems with the police. Of course there are some free places. Like the bridges, Mozartplatz and generaly squares (It's ironic that you're not allowed to play in front of Mozart's birth house :P) and you have to move every hour to another place but that's all.:)
Close to Mozartplatz
Our experiance:
We played a bit on the walking bridge without any luck and the last day we tried to sing in a little passage close to Mozartplatz where we saw a musician playing before(actually it's an illegal place) and we made our usual amount of money(15-20 euros/hour). But we didn't struggel to play more because we had to carry around all our luggages with us. 
Me and our stuff

The conclution:
Salzburg should defenetly be on every buskers/travelers list, just because its one of those small, beautiful cities where you can either chose to sing and probably make good money, or just go and relax for a couple of days if you are tired and happen to be near by.

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