May 25, 2012

Busking in Dresden

The city is beautiful, but unfortunately for us busking in Dresden wasn't good at all :( The people just ignored us most of the time. But if you have a loud instrument or a really original act in the old part of the city you're probably gonna make some money.
It wasn't a good place but the picture is pretty:)

We talked with two guys (a pianist, and a opera singer) and they were doing well in Dresden. They came here for some music festival and till than they were busking.

The first time when we tried to play while we were tuning the guitar a lady came and gave us a paper with the street rules of Dresden. They had it in English, so they are prepared for buskers.

So "you can play music on the hour for half an hour respectively and than move 200 meters away from the old location. You can use one place twice a day, and you are not allowed to play close to churches etc." The rest you can read here:
Page one
Page two
Our experiance:
The first day when we tried to find a place the weather was extraordinarily hot for May. We just circled around the center and every "good looking" spot was taken. If you would have stood in the right place you would've heard at least three musician at the same time (accordions, trumpets, etc.).

In the end we gave up and the next day went to Neustadt where all the clubs are ,and young people hang out and we thought we might have some more luck in that area. But we were wrong. We couldn't really find a place to play. We saw two guys playing on drums in one of the street corners (they were playing techno like stuff witch was cool) and they made a big crowed. But with our kind of music we had no chance to make money there. The streets were really noisey. At last we played in an underground passage where nobody really passed by and the ones who did they walked away as fast as they could :P We were really dissapointed.:(

The last days we played in front of a shopping mall and we made around 20 euros per day, maybe 30 but we really had to play long(3 hours) to make this amount.

Fortunately the bad money didn't take all our spirit away and we still had times when we enjoyed ourselves (I will write about it later:P) :).

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