May 27, 2012

The good things about Dresden:)

Our experiance:
As I told you before though the busking was horrible we still had fun in Dresden. :) We enjoyed the architecture of the city center and the people who we stayed with were really cool and helpful. And we met the coolest random people  at the first night we went out :P They had a whole DJ set with themselves and all the way home it felt like a whole techno party following us :P
Dresden at night
The next day we went to the city center and just walked around. The old part is not big, but everything is in one place next to the Elbe river and it's beautiful. In the Second World War the whole city was destroyed and the center was rebuild and renovated after the war. In less than an hour you can see the whole center.
It was really hot that day and you couldn't stay in the sun more than some minutes. It was a bit tireing to walk but we got used to it on the trip to walk long distances :) We didn't use the public transport because it was expensive and the controllers can hide really well and they controll very often. So we just used our feet to reach our destinations:P
The hottest day on the trip
Dresden center
quick summer shower
At night we went to Neustadt and we were trying to find a place to sing but the rain caught us and we went in a nice pub. In Neustadt you can find pubs and coffés everywhere. This past of the town is full of young people. :)
Bastei Brücke:
The rest of the week was extremly cold. From time to time it rained and it was windy. But we decided to go to the Saxon Switzerland National Park. We bought a Family day ticket witch was good for the train and the farry that took us to the other side of the Elbe plus for the whole public transportation of Dresden. It cost 16 euros for both of us.
Main Train Station of Dresden
We started the trip from the main trainstation and with the train(S1) we went to Königstein. There's a casttle up on a hill but this wasn't our destination. We went a bit too far (Stadt Wehlen is the stop where you have to get off) so we had to walk a bit more than an hour to reach the city of Rathen.
Saxon Switzerland National Park
In the forest
Rathen, Elbe bank
About 45 minutes hicking and you can reach Bastei Brücke and the beautiful Elbe Sandstone Mountain. It was formed by the Elbe river. It's like the Grand Canion but smaller and greener :)
Between the rocks
view from up
Sand rocks
We even met a busker on the way up :) It seemed that this is not the first time when he's doing this. He had some coins in the bucket in front of him.We supported him with some change that we had in our pockets :)
Busking in the forest
Up on the bridge ,though the weather was bad there were a lot of turists. I can't imagine how many people are here in summer. But still we could enjoy the wonderful view :)
Bastei Brücke
Beautiful :)
It was one of the most beautiful palces I have ever been to, and if you are in Dresden you should defenetly visit this place and spend a whole day in this area :)
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