Jun 1, 2012

Busking in Berlin

We spent almost two weeks in Berlin and had a bit of rest. The wearher was really beautiful and thanks to our friend, Kristin we got two bikes and we didn't have to spend on tickets. Anyway we spent a lot :P
If I uderstood it correctly the only law is that you have to move every hour, 50-100 m and you can play for the whole day. But anyway the police don't bother anybody.
Our experiance:
Busking was bad in general. If you want to make some money you have to have an amplifier otherwise nobody can really hear you because of the noise. Even with emplifyer can be hard. We met a guy, who  was playing in front of bars and parks and after he finishes the performance he goes around with a hat to people because that's the only way he can make money. We tried to play in the U-bahn station in Alexanderplatz (with amplifier it's a good place to busk). First time it was really good but after that the guards came and cicked us out every time after 10-20 minutes.
Can you find the musician on the picture?:P

We wanted to play in Mauer park because every sunday there's a flea market where you can make a fortune if you are lucky. But again, without amplifier there's no chance to play anywhere. But it's a really good palce full of people. You should be there in the morning and keep the place for yourself and start playing at around ten or even earlier. There are a lot of musician everywhere and if you arrive late you can't find a good spot.
Happy busker :)
Treptower park
We were dissapointed once again, but in the end we found a place in Treptower park (S-bahn Station) where we could play. Unfortunately during the day there are too many conrollers in the park and they send you away(not all of them), but at night it was really good! We actually forgot that the evenings are always better for us. In Budapest we always played at night. People actually stopped to listen and we got a lot of change, a lot of smiles and some candy too :P
Next time we will know better where to play :)

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