Jun 5, 2012

Busking in Hamburg

It was a really great experiance being in this beautiful port city though the weather was against us once again :P Busking was great, one of the best places we've ever played. The only bad thing was that we could play just at night because there was a gypsy playing from the morning till 6 in the afternoon and in the other S-bahn station there was a hobo begging all day long...
You don't need a permission for it but you have to change your place every  hour or so but not sure :P In the metro station it's not allowed but if you want you might get a permission to play there but nobody does.
Little crowd in Sternschanze:P
the best S-bahn station :)
Good:) Very good for our kind  of music if you find the right place to busk. Valentin has been here two years ago, so we just played at Sternschanze. The main walking streets(Spitalerstrasse/Mönckebergstrasse) and the port are too crowded and loud for us to play there, but if you have loud enough instrument or an amplifier or your act involves visual atention and not sound than those might be good places. 

If you are acoustic like us, than just go to Sternschanze(in the pictures above) after 18:00 and try it(if you are good enough and have good songs you should be able to make 20-40 euros/hour). There are other guitar players going there after 18:00 so please talk nice and respectfull and you will get the place:). Try your best to avoid sitting in angles where the cameras can see you cause sooner or latter some people will show up to cick you out if you are visible on the cameras:p.

Boat trip:)
Park in Hamburg
Other than that, if you get good weather you will really enjoy Hamburg with its port and beautifull parks and even a beach on the bank of the Elba where you can get by boat, which is a public transport and nobody checks if you have a ticket but if you hapen to have a public transportation ticket the boats are included and recomended:).

Enjoy Hamburg! We certainly did:)

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