Jun 15, 2012

The first country we've never been to before:

From Lübeck we decided to take the train to Puttgarten where we could cross the Baltic Sea with a huge ferry and get to Denmark. I forgot my sleeping bag on the train (and on the same day I lost my isomatt:() But all and all it was a great day:) We crossed the Baltic sea and the view was amazing from the ferry(cost 11 euros/person).
crossing the Baltic Sea
from the train
From Rodbyhavn we found a ride quite easy to Copenhagen. The city is just beautiful. This is the first time when we realized we are more and more north. At 11pm it was still light in the sky and at night it never got completely dark and at 3am the sky already started getting lighter.
3.30 in the morning
As always the first day was sunny and the rest of the days were rainy, cold and cloudy.:( We have to get used to this wheater 'cause the more north we'll go, the colder it will be. Anyway we enjoyed being here. Beautiful city, chanels, sea and great people.:)

We were really excited all the time because after being in Germany for more than a month  everything was really fresh. We stayed in a boat (Thanks to Tobias:)) with a really good company and every evening we enjoyed the sunset from the boat.:)

Sightseeing in Copenhagen
  • Of course you have to have a picture with the little mermaid if You are in Copenhagen:P There are always a lot of tourists taking pictures.
  • The chanels are beautiful and full of boats
  • Christiania ("the hippi district") is very interesting(altough not what it used to be:P).
  • Every Sunday most of the museums are free(unfortunatly we didn't have time to visit any:()
  • Get lost in the city! This is the best way to discover Copenhagen
Sunset at 10pm
little mermaid
our shelter in Copenhagen: Tripitaka :)
Main shopping street

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