Jun 21, 2012

First day in Sweden: Malmö

We stopped for one night in Malmö, hoping to make enough money for the bus tickets to Göteborg. Fortunately Tobi drove us to Malmö and we didn't have to hich-hike. The train ticket from Copenhagen would have been extremely expensive for this short distance(more than a 100 crowns!)

It's a very small city(actually the 3rd largest city in Sweden by population:P), and we didn't have much time to look around because we stayed just one day and we wanted to make enough money for the bust ticket to Göteborg(125crowns/person).
Musicians on the street
Busking in Malmö

In the center of the city there were not too many people. But we gave it a try and played in the main walking street (I can't recall the name of it but I think you will find it:P ) a bit more than half an hour. A lot of people actually payed and we were happy about it, but than we realized that most of them are payd just one lousy crown:p(1 swedish krown= a bit more than 10 cent), so totally we made 50 crowns...
You can buy a piece of bread for 50 crowns :P

So the next day we had to hichike. Alex our host took us to the highway entrance in the next morning, and that was the point when we both realized that we were in Sweden :))

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