Jun 5, 2012

Short stop in Lübeck

Between Hamburg and Kopenhagen we had to stop and we decided to stay in Lübeck for some days. The weather is still crapy and we don't feel like doing a lot of things. But we kinda have to because we 're running out of money. We couldn't believe how much we spent in two days!
Old city center in Lübeck
It's a beautiful small city close to the Baltic sea. Almost untouched by the war (at least not as much as other cities in Germany), so you can find really old buildings and beautiful architecture in the city. But maybe it was a mistake to stop here 'cause it would have been easier just go straight to Copenhagen though it would've been more expensive... Anyway we met nice people and looked a bit around so it wasn't completely wasting our time.:P
Baltic sea: DANGER!:P
green Baltic sea
on the beach
Rich people houses:)
Happy Valentin :)
We went to see the Baltic sea and walked on the beach all day long, so basicly we didn't do much here. Today we tried to play and with 2 songs we made around 6 euros but we had to stop because we wanted to get a ride to Fehmarn, the island that connects Germany and Denmark , but we were unlucky so we will hitchhicke from Lübeck to Fehmarn tomorrow. I hope we'll be lucky enough to get to Copenhagen in a day.

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