Jun 10, 2012

Busking in Lübeck

In the end we stayed in Lübeck for 6 days. :) First we were dissapointed because we couldn't catch a ride even to Fehmarn and we had to stay more than 4 hours in the rain and nobody picked us up, so we decided to go back to the city. Fortunately we met a lot of wonderful people in Lübeck and everything turned out to be great :)
Playing on the street
I don't think so that there is a strickt rule in Lübeck. When we first started playing two policeman passed us and they didn't say anything.
Valentin singing
Lübeck :)
Our experiance:
We sang on the main walking street(Breite Strasse) half an hour at around 7-8 o'clock and we made 25euros :) First we doubted that we'll make anything because it was raining and 5-10 people passed by every1-2 minutes but we were desperate to sing. We even got another couch for the next day in Lübeck from a girl(Ulli) who stoped to listen to us and offerd us her place for one night:). In the first days we didn't even try to play because we had money and we thought it's enough for a while but as I wrote before we spent it almost all pretty fast.

The next day we played in the same place for an hour and it was almost as good as before(more than 30 euros) so it was a big suprise for us that this small city is better than most of the capitals and big cities. And the people who we met were all helpful and made our stay a wonderful experiance :)
Thank you Lübeck!

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