Jun 15, 2012

Busking in Copenhagen

First we were very sceptical about busking, because we saw the huge, noisey streets and we thought that we can't make any money without amplifier. But in the end we still made enough :P
First time we  played on the shopping street an old lady said that it's legal just between 2-5pm. But the next day when we played in this period an annoyed old man came and told us to stop because between 3-4 it's not allowed to busk. So we don't exactly know what is going on, but if you just start playing somewhere the locals will let you know if ou are welcome or not.

Our experiance:
With an amplifier or with a loud instrument can be really good.
Tuning the guitar

The walking streets are really loud so it's hard to play acoustic. But still on Saturday we made in about an hour more than 200 Denish crowns plus some Swedish and Norwegian coins. :) Actually we were confused at the first time. We didn't know that we should be happy or sad. We had no idea how much the crown's value is. And plus in Skandinavia everything is really expensive.

So we assume it's good money here for us and we hope that the other Skandinavian countries will be the same or even better than Copenhagen. :)

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