May 22, 2012

Busking in Nürnberg

This is the first city where we got our very first permit to play on the street. :) It was 12 euros for 3 days and it was worth it though we just busked for two days.
Our first permit:)
You need to get a permit if you want to play in the center. There are five permits per day. You can get it easily for some days(maybe in the main turist season i's harder) and also it's cheap too (address: Aussere Laufer Gasse 29). You can busk from 10am till 10pm, and every half an hour you have to move at least 200meters from the place you played before, and you can't go back in that day to the same place where you have already played.
you have to keep 30m distance from churches, and you're not allowed to play at Hauptmark and at the Train Station.
Unfortunately we got bad luck with the weather again and the first some days we couldn't play because of the rain and we went to see some Museums. The first time when we played (without a permit) Plobenhofstrasse was really good(20 euros about half an hour), but the second time we didn't make anything at all. And we played also in a wooden bridge too. People were realy opened to our music.
Valentin playing on the bridge
in Nürnberg
And for the last two days we got our permit :) We didn't get checked if we have it or not but It's really ceap and easy to get the permit so it was worth it.
Where we made the most money(20euro in half an hour) was in Karolinenstrasse close to Lorenzkirche. And than we just circled around the shopping streets and played 3-4 hours. 
Nürnberg was a really good city for busking and also it has a beautiful city center that is worth visiting.

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  1. I am currently living in Nürnberg for the year. Do you know if I it's possible to get a permit which lasts long than a day??

  2. as we mentioned in the post above the permit is valid for 3 days :) But it was two years ago... So maybe I would check it out in the city hall. When we were in Nürnberg we just asked some buskers and they told us what we need and where to go. Hope it helps :)