May 3, 2012


We left Salzburg some days ago and now we are in Munich and we got a bit of time to update the blog :)
In Salzburg we mostly chilled a bit and enjoyed this beautiful little Austrian city. We got 3-4 days of "summer". The sky was clear and The sun was really strong so we got a bit of tan too :D We had a wonderful 3(or 4?) days there.
We used carpooling again to get to Salzburg. On the way we could see some peaks of the Alps. We couldn't take our eyes of the landscape. I grew up in Hungary so it's pretty amazing to see huge mountains for me:P
view from the highway
We arrived at around 9 in the evening to Salzburg and our host(Jonnas) gave us a quick tour of the city. The streets were empty and everything was quiet. The main turist attractions were lighten up and the darkness was hiding the snowy mountains from our eyes.
Salzburg at night
The first day we decided to discover Salzburg. Small little streets everywhere with beautiful baroque architecture. You can find in the center Mozart's birth-house and of course a lot of souvenir shop full of Mozart things :P. Even this period of the year there were many turists everywhere.
Small street in Salzburg
Later we went up on a hill (where the modern art museum is)where we could see the whole city and The Alps. It was just amazing standing there and watching this gorgeus view. I even had time to paint! :D Unfortunately we didn't went up to the castle because we would've had to pay entrance.:( But for the christmas market is free.  In the end of the day we were really tired.
We decided the next morning that we will climb up on Gaisberg. It's the closest big mountain to Salzburg. It takes about 2 hours to go up(for us it took around 3 hours but we stopped a lot:P)
on the way up

If you are lazy you can take a bus up there or if you have your own car you  can drive up to the top. Theres a small pub there where you can enjoy your beer in front of a beautiful background. But the Austrians are not lazy at all! they bike up the mountain and than they ride down between the rocks! Or just "simply" run up the mountain at the age of 50. For us it was really amazing watching these people.
 almost the top
close to the end
On the top what we saw is undiscribable. The pictures can't give back fully the whole experience, being there... The landscape brought tears into our eyes.
on the top
on the top together
view from Gaisberg
It was one of the most beautiful days of my life. The effort to get there was nothing compared to the feeling that this view gave me.
The next day we had to camp but fortunately the weather was beautiful and we didn't have any problem. We just had to carry around our heavy backpacks for one day but we survived:P
with the full arsenal:P
With the other half of the arsenal :)
We tried busking a little bit too witch wasn't bad:P. Actually I expected more musicians than we saw but maybe it's not the season yet. At night we went up on the hill. The sleeping bags were even too hot at night, and we saw the most beautiful sunrise we have ever seen.
Salzburg in Orange
Salzburg is one of those places that you have to see before you die!:P And more about busking coming soon!:P

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