Apr 27, 2012

Last day in Graz

Three days ago we arrived to Salzburg. We didn't have time to write till now.

Our last day in Graz was wonderful. The clouds finally dissapeared from the sky and it was nice and sunny. :) We went up on a small hill where we could see the panorama of Graz in a different angle than we saw it before.
the three crosses
View from up
In the top there are 3 crosses , symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus. It's not that impressive but the view is beautiful. Later we went down to the river Mur and we were sitting on the bank for a while. The river was flowing slowly and the sun was reflected on the surface and it sparkled like little diamonds. :)
Mur bank
little duckies hiding
Than we went to the city center and sang a bit for the last time(made about 20 euros) and we said goodbye to our friends.They helped us a lot!Thanks!:)
Center of Graz
Markus and Thomas
We spent  wonderful week in Graz. Though the weather was bad we really enjoyed ourselves. I can't say any bad thing about Graz and I recommend you to visit this small city if you have the chance and sing on its italian like streets!:)

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