Apr 22, 2012

Busking laws in Munich

These days I 've been trying to find informations about busking in Munich, but what I found it was outdated(like 2007), and it seemed that the law is really strict.

Today while we were searching couch in Munich, we recieve an answer and a nice girl sent us a link about busking laws in Munich. It seems kinda hard how it works and how they give the permission(day by day? or they giving you a date when you can sing a month later?).

But what is sure:
They give five permit per day for the morning(11.00-14.00) and five in the afternoon(15.00-22.00)
You have to go to the City Hall (Marienplatz, 80331 Munich), Monday-Friday 10 am -
8 pm and Saturday 10 am - 4 pm.
For holidays it's different and it doesn't mention any free places...
But here is the link where you can see clearer: busking law in Munich (first pdf)

Anyway, when we will arrive Munich we go to the City Hall and see ourself what is going on.


  1. Please let me know me know I am going to Munich to busk http://fandalism.com/bobgifford/cTLa

    1. Sure, but let you know what exactly? :)

  2. hello, so finally how was your busking in munich, you had to go day by day to ask the permit? and did you have to do an audition in the office? or it is possible just showing some video of your performance? thank you!