Apr 21, 2012

Graz, an Italian city in Austria 
View from the window
We arrived some days ago to Graz. We used carpooling to get here. It's a really good site to reach your destination cheap. The trains are extramly expensive in Austria, but if you know long before where you wanna go, they have cheaper tickets too or they have shared tickets, but carpooling is still cheaper.
Alps on the way to Graz
The first day was amazing in this little city (compared to Vienna, cause its actually the second largest city in Austria). Vienna felt so heavy after a while with all the turists and people in it. We're staying with a friend of ours who showed us around Graz. The buildings seem very Italian cause the the city was designed by italian architects. It's like a mediterranian city in the begining of the Alps.
Center of Graz
River Mur
We went up on the hill to the Clock Tower and saw the best view of the whole town. Far far away we still could see some snowy peaks of the Alps. It's breathtaking. Later we went to a little pub where we played a bit of piano:P
The next day the busking wasn't that great. In the begining the weather was nice and hot, but after a quick shower of rain the clouds stayed above us and made the air chilly. Totally we made 15 euros in a bit more than an hour, but we still hope that the next days we'll get luckier...

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