May 26, 2012

Busking in Prague is legal once again :)

In Berlin we met with a friend from Budapest. :D We were really happy because the street music is not going well and it was good to be pulled out a bit from the world of bad busking :P Our friend told us that the city council of Prague legalised busking again. We looked after on the internet and we found this :
Unfortunately I was not the one who made this picture:P

It seems a really clear system, and we are really happy that we found this out :) Unfortunately we are far from Prague right now but probably on our way back to Hungary or on a different trip we will visit that wonderful city. 

So good luck for the ones who will go busking in Prague and if you want to share your experiances with others just write us and we will post it here!:)
Have fun in Prague!:)

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