Jun 5, 2013

Busking in Luzern

In Zürich we got lucky with the weather when we were hitchhiking to Luzern. In about an hour we got a straight ride so we were really happy. Though the next day it was a bit cloudy, cold and rainy the busking went well in the city and our mood didn't change. :)
Rules in Luzern:
We got this link on Couch Surfing and it's very useful. Click here!
You don't need a special permit for playing on the street. You can play 4 days in each month (exept December) from Monday to Saturday after 17.00pm till 21.30pm. And you have to change your place every 30 minutes. I think it's quite fair for everyone.

Our experiance:
Luzern is a beautiful small city, siuated next to a lake and also very close to the Alps. We were really excited when we arrived and we went straight to the city center to do our usual sightseeing :) We were stunned by the view when we got to the lake. It's just amazing!
Blue sky, Alps and the lake
my little balloon :)
We knew the rules beforehand so we waited till 5pm and played a bit in one of the walking streets for half an hour. The money was really good (30 francs) but it started to rain so we couldn't play longer that day.
On Wednesday the weather got worse again, but in the afternoon it stopped raining so we could go and busk. :) We saw a lot of street musicians, mostly bands with different kind of instruments. I guess they were all students from the city, so in the begining it was hard to find a good spot. We played 2 hours and made more than a 100 francs! :) Switzerland and Swiss people have shown their generous side once again!

Unfortunately on Thursday there was a national holiday so we couldn't play but at least we had more time to do "tourist" stuff. :)
nice sunset

Best places for busking in Luzern:
where we played - marked as green
  • in the old town center it's very good anywhere!
  • Kapellgasse (played here)
  • Weiggisgasse(played here)
The money was good, the city was great, the people were nice and the weather was "neah". :P It was really nice to be in Luzern but hitchhiking out of the city was horrible (impossible) and we got stuck in the rain with a "Bern" sign for 2 days... But that's another story. :)

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