Jun 21, 2013

Busking in Chamonix
We had an amazing 2 weeks and a half in Switzerland and we were ready to go to a new country we've never been to. Our first stop in France was Chamonix and we ended up staying a week and a half in that beautiful small town.

Busking rules in Chamonix:
We don't know if there is any. We busked 3-4 days in the town at the same spot and nobody seemed to mind it. So just go ahead! :)

Our experiance:
The hitchhiking was really easy from Lausanne. We got the first ride to Genéve than we took a bus to the Swiss-French border, cross the border than we started to hitchhike on the French side. The border controllers were very helpful. We asked them where we can hitchhike and they showed us the spot and after 30 minutes we got a ride to Chamonix.
Mont Blanc
yummy snow! :)
We were suprised because there are not as many French people in the town as we thought. It's really international. Mostly sport lovers visit the town and of course the ones who want to see the highest point in Europe...the Mont Blanc!!!
When we were there it was off-season for turists so there wasn't many people so we spent most of our time hiking and sightseeing in the mountains (once you are here who wouldn't go hiking? :P) but we had time to sing a litlle bit as well.
Hiking in the mountains and singing mountain songs on the way :)
The first time we played, it was a Sunday early afternoon, in the lunchbreak (the shops are closed between 13.00-14.30 pm) and it was a bit rainy and very few people in the town. And amazingly we made 50 euros in 40 minutes! we thought that we will make a fortune here but we thought wrong.

The next days we played 30minutes - an hour and we barely made 15 euros each day. So we were a bit disappointed but we also got invited to play in a pub for 50 euros so in the end it was all good :)

If you have the possibility to visit Chamonix do it! If you love Nature, hiking and mountains it is the best place for you in Europe! You won't regret it! It was one of the places we have visited on Earth which we will never forget!:)

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