Mar 12, 2012


Yesterday we went to Timisoara-Romania (in Hungarian:Temesvár) and visited some friends of Valentin before the big trip starts. We got really crappy, cold and rainy weather so we didn't busk at all, as we had planned to.

Rainy day in Timisoara
It's impossible to find a straight bus line from Szeged to Timisoara. The only train, that we found is expensive and it takes more than five hours to get there, so in the end a friend came to pick us up.(we didn't try to hitchhike, so I have no idea if it's easy or not, but you should know that in Romania most of the drivers ask money for a ride so don't be suprised)
Unfortunately we didn't have time to stay and see more but I hope that we will go back one day, when the weather is better and we can fully enjoy being there.

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