Sep 25, 2012

It's time for a bit of change

I didn't update for a long time so I thought it's time to give some signs that we are still alive. :P The last weeks we've spent in Netherlands and Belgium (Update from each city coming soon also :P) and the weather turned colder. We decided to make our way back home slowly (it will take about two months) through Germany and Austria again.
pretending to play the douple bass :)

Right now we're in Gent and we're about to leave in some hours to Brussels. We've stayed here a bit more than a week and we felt like it's time to record some stuff :) Our Friend, Johan has a small "studio" at his home, and he let us use it (BIG thanks for that!!!) so the last days we were working on our very first semi-professional "album"(just cover songs). Because of the time limit we couldn't make it perfect but soon everybody can decide it him/herself how good it is. :P

So now here are some pictures from the process and later on we'll post some of songs:)
Valentin recording
Without inspiration :P
We're not really playing together but nice picture :P

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