Oct 25, 2012

Busking in Utrecht

Utrecht is a really quiet, small city in Netherlands. It has nice channels and typical Flamish architecture. One or two days is enough to see and enjoy the city. :)
Pathetic... You are allowed to play 15 minutes and than you have to move. The good news is that nobody cares :)

Our experiance:
Wasn't that good. The turist season just ended and the school didn't start yet so the city was quite empty this time of year. The average was 5 euros per half an hour wich is really really bad. We tried different spots on the walking streets but nothing seemed to work out. But I have to say it was still better than Antwerpen :P
Little Channel
close up :)
So we spent most of our time thinking about where we'll go next. Back to Germany or back to Belgium. Fortunately our friend, Johan wrote us, so in the end we decided to go to Gent, and it was a really good choise :)


  1. Hey guys, how are the travels going? I'm living abroad in Utrecht (from NZ) and hopefully trying my hand at busking for the first time if the rain cuts out a little... Any tips for a first-timer?

  2. Hey Joe, sure we can give you some tips. As you have probably read up Utrecht wasnt particularly good for us. Allthough we really enjoyed the city the busking was below averege. We dont know whether we were really unlucky or this is how it usualy is around there. Anyway we hope your luck is better then ours and we hope the rain stops for a few days so you may try your luck. As for the tips it depends on what your act is or what kind of music you sing and how good you are. Allways put some "seed" money in your box or guitar case(wherever you are colecting it in) before you start, about 2-3 euros. Choose a busy street but if your songs are more intimate or your voice is not loud enough than choose a less busy street but still a place wehre people are out and about and enjoing the day. Try the evenings! Especialy in weekends. People tend to be more relaxed, more quiet, more perceptive, and more giving :) And this is a general rule. Places or times of day when people are more relaxed work best. Dont be afraid to let go! Sing your heart out if that is what you do. People have a wierd way of feeling your energy. If your not really into what your doing for whatever reason people tend to feel it and react negatively. On the other side if you really enjoy whatever you are doing and doing it well, people will react surprisingly positiv:)
    We hope the rain stops and everything goes well! Wish you very much luck and good busking! :) If you have any other questions dont hesitate. Also thanks for writing! :) Much love!

  3. Hi guys! I've been reading your blog and it's very interesting! I arrived yesterday to Amsterdam planing to busk around Europe, I was wondering where you think it's better, And has less trouble with police or whatever, Amsterdam or Berlin? I'm traveling with my electric guitar playing blues, I'm from Argentina, you need to be from the European community to busk or anyone can do it?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Keep the buskers spirit alive!
    Thanks in advance