Mar 17, 2013

Visiting Laos (part 1)
the Mekong river at sunset

In February we've been to Laos (and we saw a bit of Thailand also) for 2 weeks and we've spent a short but wonderful time there. This post will be about travelling rather than busking (actually we saw an old musician on the street). We got hipnotized by the beautiful Asia and we'll defenetly visit this part of the World again sometimes in the future.

I will post this Asian trip in more parts otherwise it would be too long and boring in one "dose". :)

From Amsterdam it's a 10 hour flight to get to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It's a really long and tiring flight but the view is really nice if you get a seat next to the window.
somwhere over Europe

First I would like to give you some advice. The following information is useful if you are travelling in this part of Asia

  • be careful with street foods (expecially uncooked stuff) - vegetables and fruits (fruits that you can pill are okay like banana, mango etc.) might not be washed well. And you should avoid foods with half raw or raw meat, sometimes they get rotten in the heat. 
  • clean the cutleries in restaurants before you eat with them (unless it's a fancy restaurant :P) at least with a napkin. Usually they put a ball of hot water next to them.
Of course you can try the local specialities but I don't think so that you would like to get a diarrhea and spend most of your time on the toilett. So still be careful with what you eat. By the way...
example of the Asian toilett

  • always keep toilett paper with you because in most of the places there is none... or you can try to wash 'it' with a bowl of water... :P
  • drink a lot of water even if you won't feel like it. You can get dehidrated really fast.
  • don't drink from the tap water. It can be really dirty. It's better to drink from bottled water.
  • you can bargain everywhere in markets and shops. Actually if you dont they'll do it for you :)
  • get a nice hat. you can easily get a sunstroke if you stay too much in the sun
  • for girls: if you go to a temple cover your shoulders and legs (anyway there will be signs)
that's it for now I guess :) 

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