Apr 28, 2013

Visiting Laos (part 4)

This is the fourth part of the small "guide" through Laos. 
Buddha statue at sunset

Luang Phrabang

Luang Phrabang is one of the most visited places in Laos. It's on the UNESCO world heritage list, so the city gets more and more visitors every year. The city has a lot of natural and historical sites. 

It used to be the capital when Laos was a kingdom and you can clearly see why the king choose this place to be his residency. It's in a very beautiful area of the country, and the city itself is also beautiful.

On each sides of the streets there are hotels, restaurants and temples. One of the main attractions are the beautiful monasteries and temples.  In the mornings hundreds of monks walk on the streets collecting donations from the people. Unfortunately we missed it, but maybe the next time .

Places to visit and things to do in Luang Phrabang:
Temple inside

  • Buddist temples and monasteries - as I wrote before there are so many gorgeous temples where you can go. usually the young monks are studing outside and if you are lucky you can see the buddhist ceremonies.
    colorful textiles
    rice liqour

  • Pak Ou Caves - about half an hour from Luang Phrabang. It's a natural cave where monks placed many buddha statues in various sizes. Most of them are very tiny and sometimes they are in some hidden part of the cave. Even you can bring a buddha statue and put it somewhere. And we saw a monster rat in the dark!(about as big as a cat) :D You have to go to a small village where you can cross the river with a boat. You can see how the people are making the hand made textiles and chlothes. It's so colorful!:) And we even saw how they make rice liqour with snakes and scorpions. there are many tourists visiting this place, so it's really crowded all the time.
    Kuang Si Falls
  • Kuang Si Falls - full of tourists but very beautiful. In the lower part of the fall you can swim as well, but the water is pretty cold.
    Night Market
  • night market - We just loved it! :) It's on the main street every night and you can find really nice handmade scarves, chlothes, slippers and a lot of suveniers. That's where we saw an old busker playing on a traditional instument called "erhu".
    tuk tuk in Luang Phrabang
  • Royal palace - Nowdays, the building is the national museum. It's not like any of the European palaces. It has one impressive room for the guests and the rest are not that luxorious at all. As usual this place is always crowded as well as the rest of the sites in Luang Phrabang
    Garden of the Royal palace
  • just get lost in the city! :)
    River side
  • walking by the river side

  • We had a really good time here and hope one day we can visit it again. Next time I will write about Vang Vieng, the last city we visited in Laos.

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