Jul 7, 2012

3 months in some minutes

I haven't been outside the house for the last 3 days because I have a bit of cold but now it's nothing serious. And in my free time I've made a short movie about the last 3 months we spent around Europe. We would like to say thanks to those who helped us on the road. There are too many names that would have to be mentioned, and the list is still growing and growing. :) Hope one day we will be the ones who will help those who need it.

We also would like to inspire people to follow their dreams and show them everything is possible and help other travelers make their journey easier . :)

This is my very first video I've ever made on Earth :P we don't have any recorded song in good quality so I decided to use the song 'Guarenteed' by Eddie Vedder instead. It's a very beautiful song with meaningful lyrics. Enjoy it! :)

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