Jul 27, 2012

Busking in Göteborg

On Haga
It was a really pleasent experiance playing in this city. Sometimes we made more sometimes we made less, but we always got positive reactions. :) In the first week... Than when we came back from Norway it was really hard to make enough money for the ferry to Germany. We had to stay two weeks to get out of Sweden. Maybe because we couldn't play with joy anymore, and we are bored with the songs, we're playing, so it's time to change the list very soon.
Sunny day
on the First week
We heard that in Haga, you can play without any permit, but in other parts of the city you have to get one, but actually nobody does anything so everybody is playing everywhere. :)

Our experiance:
first we played in the shopping street but after 3 songs a guard came out and told us to leave. I don't like playing in the big shopping streets. They are too crowded and noisey and people are always in a hurry and most of them would not stop to listen unless you are loud or have an unusual act. We are none of these things :P

So we went to play in Haga. It's the old part of Göteborg, usually full of turists. The first week was wonderful. We made in 1-1/2 hours around 200-400 crowns(about 20-50 euros). But in the last two weeks as we played more and more we got less and less money. In the end we didn't really make anything, but we weren't the only ones with empty pocket. People just stopped paying the street musicians on the Haga Nygata street. 

We decided to go to the Shopping mall(Nordstan) and play there. The average money was aroud 100-150 crowns in a bit more than half an hour, so at least there we could make enough for the tickets. 

Best places to play:
-Shopping streets in the center
-Shoping mall Nordstan

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