Aug 2, 2012

Busking in Oslo

After one week in Göteborg we decided to move on and continue our trip in Norway.:) The hitchhicking went really well and after 3 rides we were in Oslo. We spent two days in the small capital, so we didn't play much, but it was one of the best cities we've played till now.
Oslo after rain

We got a little map from a Swedish busker (Jonah Lake) about the best places to play in Oslo, and it's very accurate. So here it is!:
Busking palces in Oslo

We also got tips through couchsurfing on where and when we should play:

" There's a few buskers in Oslo. I personally find the best time to busk is late at night on a Friday or Saturday after midnight on Karl Johan Gate. There seems to be only one good spot though where there are heaps of people walking by and that's next to the Stortinget T-Bane exit and MAX Hamburger place, you can't miss it. There's often another English dude who plays there then with an amp and microphone. There's another english guy, older who plays in day time. I've busked in Oslo once but did pretty well. I think if you play at night on the weekend when there are plenty of drunk people you will be amazed at how much money you can make. Not sure about busking rules in Oslo, but it seems pretty relaxed. There are quite a lot of gypsy style bands and acordions everywhere! "

Our experiance:
It was Great!:) Minimum 200crowns/hour (we made it in 15 minutes)

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