Aug 11, 2012

Without real darkness: Göteborg
(the First week)

The hichiking from Malmö to Göteborg  was quite easy. We started at around 11 in the morning and we were in Göteborg at 6-7. We needed three rides, but we did it in one day! :)

Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm. And it feels big too:P
The weather was rainy and cold almost all week long. We stayed in the suburbes of Göteborg. The nature is really nice. If the weather is hot you can take a long walk in the hills. You can find huge rocks everywhere in the city.
In the woods
Sunny day :)
Later on we looked around in the center of the city. There is a huge shopping area, which is really boring for me but I like the old part of Göteborg and the parks. In the Haga district you can find nice wooden architecture. This is the oldest part of the city it's full of caffé's and bars. In a sunny day it's nice to get lost in the city and take a long walk. There is a huge park, called Slottsskogen, where there is a free zoo with seals, horses and dears in it :)
Haga district
City center
We visited the biggest science center in Skandinavia(Universeum). :)Our friend had tickets so we could get in for free(the entrance for adult is 195 SEK=23 euro, so it's expensive, but of course this is Sweden).
We really enjoyed ourselves. We saw moving dinosaurs, the mokeys jumped around us, and birds flew above our head. Plus there is a huge aquarium with a lot of fish and sharks.
Face to face :D
Worth to visit in Göteborg:
  • Haga district
  • City center
  • Woods in the suburbes
  • Slottsskogen park
  • Universeum (if you have money)
  • If you have time maybe you should visit one of the smallest cities(or villages?) close to Göteborg. They are beautiful mixture of rockie hills, water and islands. We didn't have the opportunity to do it but a lot of people recommended it.
Prices:Defenetly more expensive than any other non skandinavian country in Europe(exept Switzerland) but if you don't want to eat in expensive restaurants and spend your money in the shopping malls still you can find cheap supermarkets and you won't fell the differance that much. Alchohol and cigarettes cost a lot more and stronger alcoholes are sold just in specialized shops.

Public transport:
They don't sell tickets on the bus. They have a really weird(for me) card system and you can buy a ticket with your phone by SMS but I have know idea how it exactly works... Anyway the conrollers are recognizable, they wear uniforms... so you know what you have to do if you see them...:P

Göteborg is a nice Skandinavian city but 3-4 days is enough to look around in my opinion. :)

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