Aug 20, 2012

Busking in Münster

We spent 4 days in this beautiful small German city, we played a little and enjoyed the sun.:)

You can play every hour sharp till half. A guy told us that you need a permit too, but nobody really cares. If you follow this rule and you don't disturbe anybody, you can't get in trouble.

Our experiance:
The first day we arrived we played 1 song and made 8 euros so we were really happy about it, but when we tried on Saturday in the same place we made nothing.
The street was too crowded and really close to us there were beggars in both sides. In every Saturday there's a very busy market here and everybody goes shopping. Compared to the city size we saw quite a lot of musicians with trumpets, violin, chello,double bass etc. Because of this it's quite hard to find a nice place but we found a nice bridge that leads to a church so we played there and made some money :)
On the bridge
Old busker man
The best day for us was Sunday, when the streets were quite empty and just a few people were walking. We chose the big shopping street to play around 6 and in a bit more than half an hour we made 17 euros. :)
Map of buksing paces in Münster
Best places:

  • Ludgeristrasse(the green dots were the best spots on the street)
  • Salzstrasse (for us it wasn't that good but it's worth to give it a try)
  • Spiegeltum bridge
In my opinion Münster is a really nice small city where you can enjoy the beautiful architecture and playing music at the same time. :)

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