Aug 16, 2012

Busking in Osnabrück

After Bremen we were still heading towards Köln and we stopped in a smaller city called Osnabrück. Because of the weather we didn't explore the city that well,, we just stayed in the center. The old part of the city is nice(but deserted) and quite small and there is a huge shopping area where most of the people are. We didn't see as many musicians as in any other city and there were not a lot of tourists either.
The center is quite nice but small

We didn't meet anybody who could tell us more about it, but nobody bothered us.
The man in the mirror :P
Nice accoustic plus light effect 

Our experiance:
We found a really good place where the acoustic was similar to singing in a church, but the money was average. The truth is that we didn't play much there either and most of the time it rained. So if you have to stop here probably you'll make enough money but if you can afford go to Münster which is 60 km away and the money is much better :)

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