Aug 12, 2012

Busking in Bremen

After Lübeck we wanted to go to Cologne but we found the distance quite big so we decided to stop in some cities before. After hitchhiking a lot in Skandinavia we use carpooling once again cause it's cheap and confortable.
Bremen , Am Markt

We didn't have the chance to ask somebody, but it seems pretty relaxed. We saw a lot of buskers playing on the streets, probably you have to move every half an hour but it seems nobody really cares. People like music so buskers are welcome :)
Our experiance:
After a long time we found a nice tunnel where we could play :D The acoustic is really nice. We made our average amount of money(10-15euros per half an hour) so we were satesfied with it. :) Lately we dont really struggle to make more than what we need, and it's really relaxing like this.
We didnt try to sing in any other places, but I made a map where I think busking would work(we saw others playing there).
Map for busking in Bremen
The green dot is where we played and the rest are where other musician played. I hope it's helpful for everyone. :) But I still write down the names of the places.

Places to busk in Bremen:
  • Am Markt (for bigger bands)
  • Schüttingenstrasse (both ends of the street)
  • The passage
  • next to the river (there are a lot of Caffé's)
  • Sögesstrasse
Bremen is a nice city for busking maybe not as good as Hamburg or bigger cities in Germany but its very relaxing to play here.:)

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