May 14, 2013

When we went to Salzburg last year, we saw this big lake with the mountains next to the highway and we were amazed by its beauty, but we never thought that we'll spend 4 rainy but amazing days in this place.

Well we didn't have the chance to do it(really bad weather), but in summer there are a lot of tourists (The Sound of Music, american musical was shoot here) so I think you can give it a try. And you won't regret it anyway 'cause it's really beautiful!

Our experiance:
We wanted to go to Salzburg straight but we came across Mondsee on Couchsurfing and we decided to stop here.
Unfortunately we couldn't play on the street because it was raining almost all the time and the turists stayed away from Mondsee, and also we didn't feel like playing in the rain for two people.
The first day was really nice and sunny, but we had a lot of luggage with us so we set on a bench next to the lake and stared at the mountains for hours.
The lake :)
The next days we mostly stayed inside but we didn't mind it because we got to know some wonderful people. We spent most of the time with our host, her cute dog, friends and family (and playstation:P) and we had a lot of fun, great conversations and really good meals together. :) The last day we went around the lake and saw a huge waterfall.
If you catch good weather there are many wonderfull things you can do.
view from the boat
Tips on what to do:
  • taking a long walk in the town
  • hiking any of the mountains
  • swimm in the lake
  • walking around the lake
  • take a small boat ride on the lake (13 euros/hour for a small electric boat)
  • staring at the lake
  • see natzi bunker
  • and so much more :)

Mondsee was a wonderful experiance and I'm sure we'll go back there again!

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