May 23, 2013

Visiting Innsbruck:

It's a must see city in Austria! Innsbruck is surrounded by huge mountains. Everywhere you look you can see some snowy peaks(in the very summer all of the snow melts). There are many things to do and to see in this beautiful city.
Since the busking was good and the weather wasn't that bad all the time we had the opportunity to look around. We had a very great host in Innsbruck and she lended us her bikes so we could get everywhere easily. We were amazed by the mountains, the river and the whole town. We coudn't take aur eyes of the snowy peaks.
The first day we just biked around the city and took hundreds of pictures of everything in every possible angle. :P The buildings are really nice also. In Austria they take good care of the cities in general.
We got a really sunny day in the weekend and we decided to hike a little bit and went up on Hungerburg where you can get an amazing view of Innsbruck. We didn't hike for a long time so it took a while till we got to the view point but it's totally worth the effort :)

View from Hungerburg
tips on what to do in Innsbruck:
Green Inn
Beautiful view
  • There are many many hiking possibilities around the city
  • If you are lazy to hike you can get a great view of the city from Hungerburg. you can get there by a cheap bus. or if you have more money you can go even higher on the mountain with a gondola.
  • in winter this is one of the best place to do wintersports
  • Walking by the river side - The water is so green! And it's really beautiful!!
  • Get lost in the city! 
View from our window
We had a really really good time in this city and we fall in love with it. Probably this won't be the last time we visit it. :)

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