May 17, 2013


After a week of rain we had a lot of sun in Salzburg but it didn't mean that the money will be better.

Busking law in Salzburg:
As far as we know it stayed the same.(read it here) So you're not allowed to play on the shopping street(though we saw quite a few people playing there). You need some kind of permission to play in the city. Unfortunately we don't know more details, but apparently the council of Salzburg doesnt't really like street musicians. We met a band from Sweden (they play really good) last year and they told us that they contacted the coucil and asked about the rules via e-mail. In the answer the coucil asked them politely not to come to Salzburg and play on the street.
And this time we saw even less buskers than last year.(most of them quite bad)
Not the best busking place

Our experiance:
When we arrived to Salzburg it was still raining but we thought we should go to the same old place that we found last year, and play there a little bit(it's a little passage). One or two people walked by per minute but we played anyway. After 3 songs we had 7 euros and we thought it might be a good place after all but it was really cold so we went home. We thought wrong.
The next two days we spent in Salzburg were really hot and sunny but the busking was quite bad. In two days we made here as much a in Vienna in a very everage/bad day. Also the shop owners are not that welcoming either.
We sang a bit in the passage the second day and a lady came out from a shop(which was actually quite far) and asked us to leave because other musicians will follow us and play here and than she has to send everybody away. We left but in the late afternoon we went back for half an hour because we didn't have any other option. The next day a little hand written paper was scotch taped on the wall and it said: "no music allowed". So basicly they kicked us out "gently" :P
We sang on the bridge a little but we weren't that succesfull either so the last day after trying to sing an hour and barely made 8 euros, we decided to abort the mission and went home.
Salzburg and the river

The story may sounds bad and depressing but it wasn't that bad for us. We stayed with a friend we made last year, we ate good, and went up to the castle(almost because the entrance was quite expensive "8 euors") and enjoyed the wiev of the city. We hope our luck with busking will take a turn for the better in Innsbruck :)

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